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Scent Ingredients

Brown Skin - Almond, Amber, sandalwood light musk

Island Paradise - notes are mango peach orange coconut milk

Dark Waters - notes are citrus plumeria amber

Forbidden Fruit - red currant rosemary lemon

Sweet Vibes – my top seller, notes are green leaves, sage pineapple

A Light In The Forest - notes are green floral orange blossom lemongrass

Cool Breeze - peppermint and eucalyptus

Crimson Berry - plum saffron wood and spice

Pachillin - oud amber ginger and jasmine

The Mean Greens - basil sage and mint

King Tings - peppercorn, ginger, spice, sandalwood amber

Kentucky Sweet - cinnamon spice raisins

Holy Grail - amber bergamot

My Sweet Thang - watermelon and spice

Hemp - yummy

Lemongrass - cedar jasmine and green floral

Evergreen - pine cedar

Red Sangria - lemon lime red wine pineapple

Yellow Passion - bamboo jasmine, plum

Purple Reign - honey dew cucumber white tea and chamomile.

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